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As at Mon, 06 Jul 2015 12:18:45 GMT - 427 people signed up, 402 properties installed.

Work on laying the fibre-optic cables between the villages and linking these to the main village radio access points has been completed and anyone in Abthorpe, Lois Weedon, Slapton, Wappenham and Weston - most properties in Astwell and Bradden and most properties in the surrounding area shohuld be able to receive superfast (that is, greater than 30Mbps) broadband.

A 14mm plastic tube has been laid up to 1.5m underground. Through this tube a cable has been blown containing 24 fibre-optic "wires". One of these fibres will be connected to each village's main radio access point. The other end is connected to our router in Wappenham Church. This router is then connected by fibre-optics to Telehouse East in London and from there to the main national and international internet. The connections from our access points and from anyone who is directly connected to our fibre-optic network run at speeds of 1,000Mbps symmetrical -that is, download and upload. The radio connections to an access point run at up to 100Mbps.

View the latest photos of our progress here...

Abthorpe Broadband Association limited - a not-for-profit limited by guarantee company - has been delivering broadband to the communities of Abthorpe and Slapton since 2003 and decided to make a step change in the service, on behalf of the communities, by upgrading to superfast broadband*.  There were no other plans to provide superfast broadband services into this area so we have had to do it ourselves. The work was completed by the end of March 2015, costing about £230,000 and we received £108,658 in grant from the government and European Union towards these costs.

The picture shows an opened-up fibre-optic cable connection dome.

The catchement area is about 1000 properties in the upper Tove Valley.  This area includes the villages of Abthorpe, Slapton, Wappenham, Lois Weedon, Weston, Astwell and Bradden and of course the surrounding more isolated properties and hamlets. We have extened the radio links to Helmdon and Moreton Pinkney. You can see a coverage map here, and a list of Post Codes here, but if you are not quite within the area, it might be worth contacting us and expressing your interest - we like a challenge! You can see the topography in our Panoramas.

* Superfast broadband is defined by the EU and UK governments as better than 30Mbps
This project is supported by the Rural Development Programme for England, for which Defra is the Managing Authority, part financed by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.