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Abthorpe Broadband Association Limited - a not-for-profit limited by guarantee company - has been delivering broadband to the communities of Abthorpe and Slapton since 2003. The work to deliver superfast broadband to the upper Tove Valley - from Foscote and Bradden to Wappenham and Weston - was completed at the end of March 2015, costing about £230,000 and we received £108,658 in grant from the government and European Union's Rural Communities Broadband Fund towards these costs.

Tove Valley Broadband or TVB as it has come to be known by, brings a fast 1,000Mbps symetrical fibre-optic service into the villages and distributes connections to properties by radio. To reach more out-of-the-way properties, farms and businesses we use radio pipelines. These are the most efficient, cost effective ways of delivering superfast broadband services - especially in a rural area.

TVB broadband is not restricted and importantly for 'cloud' users, our upload speed is the same as our download speed - in the core area, between 30 and 90Mbps

Superfast broadband is defined by the EU and UK governments as better than 30Mbps
The Superfast project is supported by the Rural Development Programme for England, for which Defra is the Managing Authority, part financed by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.

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